Darts Betting Guide for 2022

Darts is a much-loved game played all over the world and for many different reasons. The sport has been around since prehistory when it was used as an important means of communication by ancient cultures like those in Egypt, China or courthouse due to how accurately you can throw your dart from long distances with little trajectory shift (which means that if there’s any wind at all). It also helps these tactics work better because players must rely on their opponents being distracted enough not to notice what kind. It might seem simple but believe me-perfect aim doesn’t always mean winning!



  • The WDF has been a leading organization in darting since its inception, and they host many events each year that determine who will be considered one of the best players on earth. The World Darts Federation (WDF) has competitions among its member nations with support from sponsors like NikeĀ® which helps fund all travel costs for competitors as well as provide prize money at every level!
  • Heading up the Professional Darts Corporation, they organize tournaments for players from all over.
  • The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and the British Dart Organisation(BDO), are respective organizers of world championships for professional players.
  • While its roots are in pubs, darts have become very popular among English-speaking countries and now the Netherlands. Germany is finally catching on too!
  • The dartboard is divided into different sections, with each section being worth between one and 20 points. There are also bonus areas that offer double or triple their normal value in certain spots around the outside of this game board – these include rings near the middle where scores 25+, as well as wherever you find bullseyes (50).Bonuses
  • The game of darts is one where players throw three at once, trying to score zero from 501. The first person who does so wins that leg and advances further in the competition!
  • To win a leg, the final dart thrown must be either two points or land perfectly in the bullseye.
  • The first nine-dart game was played by two men who had been fists fighting. They agreed to throw one another until there were no more – this became known as “reaching zero.” The minimum possible number of darts thrown for either player is considered ‘ checking out, and they are called perfect legs The term originated from an ancient pastime where players would attempt throws with their remaining hand instead of gamifying the experience.
  • Darts players must stand behind a line, called the oche which is 2-3 feet away from where they are playing on an 8-foot regulation board.
  • Hang the dartboard so that it’s at eye level for people who are 6ft tall. This way, they’ll be able to see where their thrown shot will land before throwing!


Consider the type of bonus you could get when betting on sports. Do your research, find out what kinds are available and how they work so that it doesn’t catch up with opportunity!

  • Welcome Bonus

    • All the best darts betting sites will offer a welcome bonus when you sign up
    • These are to incentivize you to bet on their sportsbook instead of a competitor
    • Welcome bonuses are for new customers alone. There may also be terms and conditions you need to follow, including the use of a promo code to claim the offer
  • Enhanced Odds

    • Price boosts and flash odds are other names for this sort of bonus
    • Enhanced odds tend to be an increased price on a fancied outcome
    • Be quick about getting your bet on as, although open to both new and existing customers, they are often available for a limited time only
  • VIP Club

    • Regular bettors are increasingly receiving rewards for their loyalty
    • A VIP Club hands out weekly bonuses to you, provided you place so many qualifying bets within an allotted time
    • This type of offer is open to new and existing customers too, so it’s just a matter of commitment