You have received a notice from the CRCC informing you that your complaint has been referred to NSIRA.

What you need to know:

  • You don’t need to hire a lawyer or get legal assistance
  • If you decide to seek legal advice, you are responsible for paying your legal fees and associated costs

NSIRA is an independent and external review agency

When NSIRA receives the CRCC’s referral of your complaint, NSIRA will:

  • Acknowledge in writing that NSIRA has received the referral of your complaint by the CRCC
  • Inform you that NSIRA will investigate your complaint if it is satisfied that the complaint is not trivial, frivolous or vexatious or made in bad faith.
  • Conduct a preliminary review of the information received from the CRCC and determine if the complaint falls within NSIRA’s mandate to investigate the complaint

What happens next

Should NSIRA determine it is not within its mandate to investigate your complaint; your complaint file will be closed. NSIRA will inform you, by letter, of its decision.  

If NSIRA is satisfied that your complaint is not trivial, frivolous, vexatious or made in bad faith, NSIRA will investigate your complaint and will inform you and the RCMP of the next steps in the complaint investigation process.

At this point, NSIRA will contact you and seek your availability so that you have an opportunity to present your evidence in the course of NSIRA’s investigation, which may done in person or in writing.

Items to be discussed can include:

  • If parties are open to a settlement conference
  • Format of your hearing: in writing or in person
  • Witnesses that will testify at the hearing
  • Duration, proposed dates and place of your hearing

Your hearing will now be scheduled

  • Before the hearing, you will need to:
    • Submit a summary of your witness(es) testimony
    • Submit all documents you wish to rely on at your hearing if  you have not provided it already

The NSIRA member assigned to investigate your complaint may now investigate and hear classified evidence from the RCMP.  Should such a hearing take place, it will be held in the absence of the complainant (you). However, NSIRA will provide all parties with an unclassified summary of the evidence presented at this hearing.

At the completion of this hearing, the assigned NSIRA member may request written submissions from the parties. If this is the case, you will have up to 4 weeks to provide written submissions that will support your evidence.

The RCMP will then have up to 3 weeks to provide written submissions in reply to your arguments. 

Finally, you will have an additional two weeks to submit your rebuttal to their arguments, if any.

Once NSIRA has received the parties’ written submissions, the NSIRA member assigned to investigate your complaint will prepare a final report which will include its findings and/or recommendations based on the evidence reviewed and written submissions (if any) from the parties. NSIRA will also provide an unclassified version of the report to you – the complainant.

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