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The National Security and Intelligence Review Agency introduces the declassified, depersonalized policy on final investigations reports.

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As Canada’s independent agency, part of NSIRA’s mandate is to investigate public complaints related to national security against CSIS, CSE, and complaints relating to the denial or revocation of security clearances. It also investigates complaints referred to NSIRA by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP (CRCC) against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

NSIRA can also investigate complaints referred by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) and certain matters under the Citizenship Act. 

Canadians can rest assured that by bringing all these complaints together under one roof, they will be addressed with the greatest degree of consistency, quality, and timeliness possible.

Informal Resolution

All complaints made to NSIRA, including a referral from the CRCC, can be informally resolved if the complaint falls within NSIRA’s mandate and if both the complainant and the respondent consent. 

The purpose of an informal resolution is to resolve some or all of the issues in a complaint. An informal resolution may take the form of any number of remedial actions and has numerous benefits. The goal is to provide an opportunity for the parties to gain a better understanding of the situation that brought them into conflict in the first place and to provide them with an opportunity to deal with the complaint expediently and to the satisfaction of all parties.


If the complaint is resolved informally, the terms of the informal resolution must be set out in writing and signed by all parties. A party or the NSIRA Member assigned to the investigation of the complaint may, at any time, request a resolution meeting between the parties.

In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved informally, the complaint will be investigated by NSIRA.

Make a Complaint

NSIRA receives public complaints and investigates them through a quasi-judicial hearing, presided over by an NSIRA member. The investigation and resolution of a complaint will vary in length depending on a number of factors. Who do you have a complaint against?

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