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Review Of Departmental Implementation Of The Avoiding Complicity In Mistreatment By Foreign Entities Act For 2019


NSIRA’s statement on a recent cyber incident.

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In response to the recent Federal Court decision on the lawfulness of certain CSIS activities and the duty of candour to the Court (2020 FC 616), here are NSIRA’s terms of reference for its review of CSIS and Justice Canada.

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What We Do


NSIRA conducts independent expert review of national security and intelligence activities across all federal departments and agencies, and informs Parliament and Canadians as to their lawfulness.

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NSIRA addresses all national security complaints against the RCMP, CSIS, and CSE, as well as complaints relating to security clearances.

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NSIRA receives public complaints and investigates them through a quasi-judicial hearing, presided over by an NSIRA member. The investigation and resolution of a complaint will vary in length depending on a number of factors. Who do you have a complaint against?

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